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Application consists of

A 10 pages application form (maximum)
A 10 pages Pitch Deck
A 2 minute video presenting your idea and the team behind
Declaration of honor and of an internal Consortium Agreement existence


INNOLABS is searching for Innovative Ideas to empower mHealth. If you are an SME, bringing solutions related to mHealth, ageing population, personalized healthcare…
We are looking for you!

Final Submission deadline: 30th September 2017

INNOLABS 1st Open Call for innovative projects in personalized healthcare is seeking applications from SMEs belonging to the Health or Biomedicine sector, to collaborate with the IT sector for developing cross-sectoral health solutions, that will bring society closer to the next generation healthcare system.



Through INNOLABS Open Calls, we will support projects coming from cross-sectoral teams that are led by a SME based in the EU, together with another partner.

By applying for this 1st Open Call you will enter in a competition to engage the 1st INNOLABS Acceleration Programme.

INNOLABS Acceleration Programme: A great opportunity!

It is a nine-month non residential programme, where the selected teams will be supported by the INNOLABS Project:


Enter the Acceleration Programme and benefit from up to 50,000€:

30,000€ in Direct Funding. It will be pure lump-sum, paid in cash and equity free.

Up to 10,000€ Innovation Vouchers to be spent in Services provided by External Providers

Up to 10,000€ Innovation Services provided by Consortium partners


Benefit from up to 10,000€ in Innovation Services

Up to 5,500€ in Innovation Vouchers to be spent in Services provided by External Providers

Up to 4,500€ in Innovation Services provided by Consortium partners

1st Acceleration Programme lasts 9 months, from December 2017 to August 2018, 5 project teams will be allowed to take the Fast Lane Acceleration Programme: Same support in 3 months.


INNOLABS Open Call Challenges

The first INNOLABS Open Call seeks proposals to address at least one of the following proposed challenges:

ICT and health

The challenge is to help ageing populations remain independent and active in their communities (especially rural and remote ones) with ICT-based assistive solutions.

Biotech and health

The challenge is to use biotechnology to support an approach to care that is predictive, preventative, personalized and participatory. This encompasses diagnosis, prognosis, treatment options, monitoring and rehabilitation.

Solutions generated by end-users

We are seeking solutions that build on an original idea generated from (i) someone working within or (ii) a patient(s) treated by - a service along the health and social care continuum. In particular, products and processes that are more affordable and less invasive.



No Technology Readiness Level (TRL) is required, but we are looking to support solutions that have the potential to scale-up in the international market.

Business model

Show your plan to scale-up, demonstrate your market readiness and the maturity management capacity of the team to achieve your goal.

Who can apply?

  • Applications must be submitted by Teams
  • Teams must be led by an SME (legally established as a business and based in a EU member state or H2020 associated country)
  • Teams must be composed of at least 2 participants: 1 SME + other partner (SME, end user, large Enterprise, etc.)
  • Teams must include different sectors of the value chain (ICT, BIO, Medical and/or Health)
  • Team delivering a new product, process or service for health and addressing one of the defined Open Call Challenges
  • No previous TRL is defined but already existing products without a clear advance or innovation will be rejected
  • Check Eligibility Criteria in the Guide for Applicants
  • Teams will be positively evaluated if:

    - Teams constituted by 2 SMEs

    - Teams constituted by cross-national partners

    - SME has H2020 Seal of Excellence

How to apply?

Starting now

1. Fire up your creativity

Define a project addressing one of the Open Call Challenges.

Starting now

2. Get registered

Get registered on this website and complete the application electronically.

Registrations are now closed
Starting now

3. Team up

3. Team up & Check compliance with eligibility criteria (detailed in the Guide for Applicants)

Download Guide App

4. Submit your proposal

Submit a complete proposal via the INNOLABS private website.

November 2017

5. Rest and wait for the results

Once your proposal is submitted and validated a confirmation email will be sent to acknowledge the application acceptance.

From December 2017 to August 2018

Enrol the Acceleration Programme

Selection Process

All applications will be evaluated remotely by 2 independent External Evaluators. In case of large difference in scoring a third one will be called upon.

Evaluation Criteria: Evaluations will be based on 7 defined criteria:

  • Innovation of the idea.
  • Team and competitive advantage.
  • Potential Impact of the solution.
  • Growth plan during and BEYOND the Innolabs support period.
  • Fit with Innolabs priorities.
  • Short-term implementation plan for the Innolabs support period (the upcoming 9 months).
  • Overall impression of the idea and the presentation.
  • Extra points will be available for:

  • Teams constituted by 2 SMEs.
  • Teams constituted by cross-national partners.
  • SMEs who has H2020 Seal of Excellence.